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And welcome to Psychedelication, where I am (sporadically) sharing my adventures in psychedelics and education!  

My name is Amy Bartlett (she/her), and I began my PhD adventure at the University of Ottawa in September 2020, diving into the wonderful world of psychedelics, spirituality and human connection.  I am working with Dr. Anne Vallely and Dr. Monnica Williams at uOttawa, and also contribute to a variety of projects in Dr. Williams' Laboratory for Culture and Mental Health Disparities.  

I am curious about exploring the role that mystical psychedelic experiences play in individual and communal healing. I am passionate about psychedelic integration, community building, harm reduction, psychedelics for healing, diversity and inclusion in the psychedelic space, decriminalization, psychedelic ethics, and building pathways for safe, accessible and well-supported access to psychedelic substances and non-ordinary states of consciousness. I am also interested in psychedelics for navigating end-of-life issues and psychedelic chaplaincy.  You can find me on ResearchGate or check out my research page for more info. 

To complement all of the theory, I also have a regular practice of engaging in and with the psychedelic community. I have been in the psychedelic space for over a decade, and locally I help coordinate the Ottawa Psychedelic Education Network (OPEN). This involves helping to organize public events and opportunities for people to connect with each other around the psychedelic experience, working to destigmatize our understanding of psychedelics and the people who use them.  For a couple of years now, I have been running bi-weekly integration circles and individual integration support in the community (come check one out on Meetup if interested!) I am also involved in a variety of wider community initiatives including the Canadian Psychedelic Research Network (CPRN) and Psychedelics Canada.   

On a personal level, like everyone, I am a work in progress-- and especially in the academic space as I leap back into university after almost 20 years out in the 'real world'. I have spent much of my adult life working as a lawyer, feminist, community mobilizer and global citizen, and trying to embrace curiosity, complexity and compassion to help create positive change in the world. This is an effort that I continue to pursue as part of this recent (re)turn to academia. 

Before joining uOttawa in 2020, I had the chance to work in Canada and abroad in a variety of social justice movements and organizations, from the grassroots to global levels. This includes most recently founding some of my own small initiatives such as  ProCo Co-operative, Global HERizons, and the Earnest Platypus; as well as taking up leadership roles at the Refugee Hub, RESULTS Canada, the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness, and CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation amongst others. I lived for 10 of those career years in a variety of countries including Peru, Belgium, Mexico, the Netherlands and South Africa, and I have developed a passion for collaborating with people and organizations. I speak English, Spanish and French, and identify as she/her. You can find more information about my non-academic career on my LinkedIn if interested. I also love sewing, cooking, and competitive scrabble in case that floats your boat. 

Thank you for stopping by!