Current Interests

  • Psychedelic integration (individual and community)

  • Intersectionality and inclusion

  • Psychedelic spirituality

  • Psychedelic ceremony and ritual

  • Psychedelics and end of life

  • Psychedelic community building 

  • Psychedelic chaplaincy

  • Plant teachers 

  • Interdisciplinarity in psychedelic studies

Academic Publications

Jacob, G., Faber, S. C., Faber, N., Bartlett, A., Ouimet, A., & Williams, M. T. (in press). A systematic review of Black People coping with racism: Approaches, analysis, and empowerment. Perspectives on Psychological Science. 

Gran-Ruaz, S., Feliciano, J., Bartlett, A., & Williams, M. T. (2022). Implicit racial bias across ethnoracial groups in Canada and the United States and Black mental health. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne. Advance online publication.

Faber, S. C., Strauss, D., Gran-Ruaz, S., La Torre, J., Bartlett, A., Faber, I., Levinson, A., & Williams, M. T. (2022). A call to use psychology for anti-racist jury selection. Practice Innovations.

Christ, C., A. Bartlett. S. Manoni-Millar, T. Ching (2021). "The Future is Queer: Imagining Queer-Affirming MDMA-Assisted Therapy (QA-MDMA-AT)". MAPS Bulletin, 31(3), 35-38

Levinson, A., Williams, M. T., Faber, S. C., Strauss, D., Gran-Ruaz, S, La Torre, J., & Bartlett, A. (2021 in press). Challenging jurors’ racismGonzaga Law Review, 57.

Williams, M. T., Sharif, N., Strauss, D., Gran-Ruaz, S., Bartlett, A., & Skinta, M. D. (2021). Unicorns, leprechauns, and White allies: Exploring the space between intent and action. The Behavior Therapist, 44(6), 272-281.


Williams, Monnica, Amy Bartlett, Tim Michaels, Jae Sevelius and Jamilah R. George. (2021) Dr. Valentina Wasson: Questioning what we think we know about the foundations of psychedelic scienceJournal of Psychedelic Studies. 4(3) 146-148.


Bartlett, A. C. Christ, S. Manoni-Millar, S., T. Ching (2022, in press). "Where is the love? Queerness and the state of psychedelic research". In Belser, A., Cavnar, C., Labate, B.C. (Eds.). Queering psychedelics: From oppression to liberation in psychedelic medicine. Synergetic Press.

Bartlett, A., M. Rundle and M. Williams (under review) "'Strategic Allies': cultivating allyship between people and teams to help build a stronger and more inclusive organizational military culture." In Waruszynski, Barbara T. ed. Team Diversity and Inclusion in Defence and Security: International Perspectives. Springer Publishing

Bartlett, A., M. Williams, A. Vallely, A. Nepton and R. Feng. (under review) Expanding Consciousness in the Ivory Tower: Building an Interdisciplinary Psychedelic Studies Graduate Program. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion

Feng, R., T. Ching, A. Bartlett, J. La Torre, M. Williams. (under review) Healing Words: The Impact of Different Psychoeducation Modes on Seeking and Referring Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Among a BIPOC Sample. Transcultural Psychiatry

Bartlett, A. (under review) Love in the time of COVID: exploring avenues to protect psychedelic spiritual practice in Canada.  Colloquium on Law, Religion and Social Progress in the Age of COVID-19

Bartlett, A., Williams M.T. (under review)  "The Cost of Omission: Dr. Valentina Wasson and Getting Our Stories Right". In Dyck, E. et al (Eds.). Women & Psychedelics: Uncovering invisible voices. Synergetic Press.

Trainings and Certifications

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification (The Embody Lab, December 2021)

End of Life Doula Certification (Douglas College, February 2021)

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Level 1 (Behavioural Wellness Clinic, August 2020)

Posters and Presentations

Vallely, A., Bartlett, A, Umumararungu, F, Gofton, T, Kaplan A (2022, May 28). Point of departure: Training & the psychedelic therapeutic paradigm. [Poster presentation]. Global Summit on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Medicines: From Research to Reality (R2R), Toronto, Ontario.

Presenter (April 2022) uOttawa Academy of Mindfulness and Contemplative Studies Paths to Mindfulness Colloquium:  "Psychedelics, spirituality and human connection: How the 'we' supports the mindful healing work of the 'me'" 

Feliciano, J., Gran-Ruaz, S., Bartlett, A., George, J., Ching, T., & Williams, M. (2021, November). "Implicit racial bias across ethnoracial groups in Canada and the United States and its impact on Black Americans’ mental health." Poster presented at Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies - 55th Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA.

Guest lecturer (August 2020) For AHL4100 Psychedelics: Survey of an Emerging Field at the University of Ottawa.  Lecture topic: Individual and community integration

Other media

Bartlett, Amy. (2022) "Old Guard, New Tricks: Reflections on queering the psychedelic space with Annie and Michael Mithoefer" Chacruna Institute. Published online January 17, 2022.

Bartlett, Amy and Monnica Williams (2020) "The Cost of Omission: Dr. Valentina Wasson and getting our stories right" Chacruna Institute's "Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines" Series. Published online November 11, 2020  (Disponible en espanol aqui)