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Current Interests

  • Psychedelic integration (individual and community)

  • Intersectionality and inclusion

  • Psychedelic community building

  • Psychedelic spirituality

  • Psychedelic ceremony and ritual

  • Psychedelics and end of life 

  • Interdisciplinarity in psychedelic studies

  • Psychedelic ethics and accountability

  • Psychedelic access and equity

Academic Publications

Bartlett, A., Williams M.T. (2024)  "The Cost of Omission: Dr. Valentina Wasson and Getting Our Stories Right". In Dyck, E. et al (Eds.). Women & Psychedelics: Uncovering invisible voices. Synergetic Press.

Feng, R., T. Ching, A. Bartlett, J. La Torre, M. Williams. (2023) Healing Words: The Impact of Different Psychoeducation Modes on Seeking and Referring Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Among a BIPOC Sample. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.

Faber, S., E. Wu, A. Bartlett  (2023) Abuse of Power in the Disciplinary Actions of a State Psychology Licensing Board: Inequitable Outcomes and Early Career Psychologists. Frontiers in Psychology, Volume 14, Sec. Forensic and Legal Psychology.

Bartlett, A., A. Vallely, M. Williams, A. Nepton and R. Feng. (2023) Building Psychedelic Studies as an Interdisciplinary Academic Field: Its Urgency and Its Challenges. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 3(4), p. 415-424

M. Williams, A. Bartlett, M. Zare, M. Osman (2023) Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Law Enforcement: Best Practices for Creating Safety for Female Officers. The Police Journal

Bartlett A, Faber S, Williams M, Saxberg K. (2022) Getting to the Root of the Problem: Supporting Clients With Lived-Experiences of Systemic Discrimination. Chronic Stress, 6. doi:10.1177/24705470221139205

Bartlett, A. C. Christ, S. Manoni-Millar, S., T. Ching (2022). "Where is the love? Queerness and the state of psychedelic research". In Belser, A., Cavnar, C., Labate, B.C. (Eds.). Queering psychedelics: From oppression to liberation in psychedelic medicine. Synergetic Press. 

Jacob, G., Faber, S. C., Faber, N., Bartlett, A., Ouimet, A., & Williams, M. T. (2022). A systematic review of Black People coping with racism: Approaches, analysis, and empowerment. Perspectives on Psychological Science. 

Gran-Ruaz, S., Feliciano, J., Bartlett, A., & Williams, M. T. (2022). Implicit racial bias across ethnoracial groups in Canada and the United States and Black mental health. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne. Vol. 63, No. 4, 608-622. *Winner of the 2022 Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Best Journal Article Award

Faber, S. C., Strauss, D., Gran-Ruaz, S., La Torre, J., Bartlett, A., Faber, I., Levinson, A. R., & Williams, M. T. (2022). A call to use psychology for anti-racist jury selection. Practice Innovations, 7(3), 203–222.

Christ, C., A. Bartlett. S. Manoni-Millar, T. Ching (2021). "The Future is Queer: Imagining Queer-Affirming MDMA-Assisted Therapy (QA-MDMA-AT)". MAPS Bulletin, 31(3), 35-38

Levinson, A., Williams, M. T., Faber, S. C., Strauss, D., Gran-Ruaz, S, La Torre, J., & Bartlett, A. (2021). Challenging jurors’ racismGonzaga Law Review, 57.

Williams, M. T., Sharif, N., Strauss, D., Gran-Ruaz, S., Bartlett, A., & Skinta, M. D. (2021). Unicorns, leprechauns, and White allies: Exploring the space between intent and action. The Behavior Therapist, 44(6), 272-281.


Williams, M., Bartlett, A., Michaels, T., Sevelius, J. and George, J. (2021) Dr. Valentina Wasson: Questioning what we think we know about the foundations of psychedelic scienceJournal of Psychedelic Studies. 4(3) 146-148.  


Bartlett, A., M. Rundle and M. Williams (under review) "'Strategic Allies': cultivating allyship between people and teams to help build a stronger and more inclusive organizational military culture." In Waruszynski, Barbara T. ed. Team Diversity and Inclusion in Defence and Security: International Perspectives. Springer Publishing​

Bartlett, A., Gulka, P.  (under review) Seeking Spiritual Healing: religious trauma, psychedelic therapy and mystical experience. Journal of Psychedelic Studies

Gran-Ruaz, S., Caldwell, K., MacIntyre, M., Bartlett, A., Nepton, A., & Williams, M.T. (under review) A clinical case series: Evaluation of a novel Racial Stress and Trauma Treatment Protocol. Journal of Cognitive and Behavioral Practice

Bartlett, A., De la Salle, S, Harrison, T. (forthcoming) Expanding Event Horizons: Centering ethics, transparency and accountability when organizing psychedelic events and conferences.

Bartlett, A. C. Christ, B. Martins, S. Manoni-Millar, T. Ching. (forthcoming) Scoping review on queer psychedelic experience. 

Trainings and Certifications

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Level 1 (Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, May 2023)

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification (The Embody Lab, December 2021)


End of Life Doula Certification (Douglas College, February 2021)

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Level 1 (Behavioural Wellness Clinic, August 2020)

Teaching, Posters and Presentations

Co-Instructor (Winter Term 2024 and 2023) SRS4107: Selected Topics in Religion & Culture: An Interdisciplinary Survey of Psychedelic Studies, University of Ottawa


Panelist (March 2024): Cafe Scientifique on Psychedelics and Health Equity: An Interactive Public Dialogue with Leading Researchers in Canada. Vancouver, B.C. Presentation: Queer Communities and Psychedelic Spaces 

Guest lecturer (Autumn 2023 and 2022) The UHN Nikean Centre for Psychedelic Psychotherapy Research Centre  ‘Foundations of Psychedelic Psychotherapy’ training program. Module on equity and diversity: queer psychedelic healing

Presenter (September 2023) Law, Religion and Social Progress in the age of COVID-19 Symposium. Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA. Presentation: 'Love in the Time of COVID: Exploring avenues to protect psychedelic spiritual practice in Canada'

Co-Presenter (June 2023) The Global Centre for Religious Research International Conference on Religious Trauma. Presentation: 'Spiritual Healing: Exploring the Intersection of Religious Trauma, Psychedelic Therapy and Mystical Experience

Vallely, A., Bartlett, A, Umumararungu, F, Gofton, T, Kaplan A (2022, May 28). Point of departure: Training & the psychedelic therapeutic paradigm. [Poster presentation]. Global Summit on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Medicines: From Research to Reality (R2R), Toronto, Ontario.

Presenter (April 2022) uOttawa Academy of Mindfulness and Contemplative Studies Paths to Mindfulness Colloquium:  "Psychedelics, spirituality and human connection: How the 'we' supports the mindful healing work of the 'me'" 

Feliciano, J., Gran-Ruaz, S., Bartlett, A., George, J., Ching, T., & Williams, M. (2021, November). "Implicit racial bias across ethnoracial groups in Canada and the United States and its impact on Black Americans’ mental health." Poster presented at Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies - 55th Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA.

Guest lecturer (August 2020) For AHL4100 Psychedelics: Survey of an Emerging Field at the University of Ottawa.  Lecture topic: Individual and community integration

Other Initiatives

Co-organizer (2018 to present) Ottawa Psychedelic Education Network (OPEN) community

Podcast guest (2024)  Psychedelic therapies, religion, and LGBTQ+ wisdomQueer&A podcast with Nadya Pohran

Therapist (2022 to present) Pilot Study for the Racial Trauma Treatment Protocol, Lab for Culture and Mental Health Disparities.

Psychedelics Today (2022) Guest panelist on "Let's Talk: Psychedelics and Queerness" webinar (recorded August 9, 2022). Available on YouTube at:

Bartlett, Amy. (2022) "Old Guard, New Tricks: Reflections on queering the psychedelic space with Annie and Michael Mithoefer" Chacruna Institute. Published online January 17, 2022.

Bartlett, Amy and Monnica Williams (2020) "The Cost of Omission: Dr. Valentina Wasson and getting our stories right" Chacruna Institute's "Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines" Series. Published online November 11, 2020  (Disponible en espanol aqui)

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